Our Team

SV20170814 (24 of 24)Want to introduce your brand to new customers, but don’t have the time to recruit, train and manage additional staff? Polaris Brand Promotions interviews and hires all of our talent directly, educates them about your brands and the specific requirements for your activations and manages talent payment directly.

Our team leverages the top job boards and social media resources to find talented, qualified brand ambassadors to meet your needs. We personally interview and hire all of talent and can provide pictures and other information pre-activation so you know who will be representing your brand.

Prior to the first activation, we will provide company-specific and product-specific educational materials to our brand ambassador team. We can also coordinate pre-activation training sessions at your facilities.

We communicate directly with our brand ambassador team members both before and after the activation to ensure that all event instructions are properly executed and to provide timely recap to you.

All brand ambassadors are directly paid from our agency, which means less paperwork, overhead and headaches for you.

Looking to join our team? Apply through our PopBookings portal link: