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Polaris Brand Promotions specializes in providing nationwide experiential marketing and event staffing services. Whether you’re a craft beer producer looking to gain market share or a trade show exhibitor seeking promotion of your key brands, Polaris Brand Promotions has the resources and experience to set your brands apart in the marketplace.

At Polaris Brand Promotions, we don’t just send out a “pretty face” to represent your brands. Our brand ambassador team will be fully trained on your company, your brands and your expectations to educate consumers and generate buzz.

A Polaris Brand Promotions staff member will reach out to your accounts and event managers prior to each promotional event to confirm details and ensure that your product and promotional items are ready for our team members. In addition, we perform post-event follow-up with your accounts to confirm that your expectations have been met.

Whether it be pictures from promotional events, GPS check-in, cloud access to recap pictures and forms or specific demographic feedback related to your promotion, we provide comprehensive recap services tailored to meet your needs.

Looking to promote some fun recipes for your vodka brand on National Vodka Day (yes, there is one, and it’s on October 4th)? Want your product promoted at a new bar or nightclub opening? Interested in sampling your product at a charity fundraiser? At Polaris Brand Promotions, we’re all about “outside the box” thinking and creative ideas to make your brand stand out from the rest.